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Services | Detroit Steel Group, Inc. | An International Steel Company

Detroit Steel Group, Inc. offers a variety of flat rolled steel processing. Often times customers need flat rolled steel in a particular size or shape. We can process a coil in a number of different ways:

We can process a coil to your specific requirements:

  • Slit to your desired width
  • A coil can be Cut to Length into sheets to better fit your needs
  • We can Shear sheets to smaller production blanks
  • We can have material coated to your requirements
  • We can Gauge reduce material to a lighter thickness
  • Burn out plate to your specifications

Each process has particular capabilities listed below.

Our quality control processes include:

  • Material Testing for chemical, physical properties, and coating weights
  • Coil inspection is available for gauge and surface.


Slitting is a process were coils are fed lengthwise through a set of rotary knives and cut into narrower coils according to the customers specific width requirements and then recoiled.

  • We can slit steel with a gauge range of .015″ to .500″
  • Coils can be slit to a maximum width of 80.00″ and as narrow as .500″
  • Inner Diameter (ID) of coils can be either 20″ or 24″

Cut To Length

This is the process of taking a coiled steel product, and unrolling it and cutting it to a desired length.

  • With a gauge range of .013″ to .090″ and a max width of 74.125″ – we can CTL from 10″ up to 540″ (45 feet)
  • With a gauge range of .090″ to .250″ and a max width of 73.00″ – we can CTL from 40″ up to 280″ (23.33 feet)
  • With a gauge range of .250″ to .500″ and a max width of 72.00″ – we can CTL up to 500″ (41.66 feet)


This refers to a specific steel cutting process that produces straight line cuts.

Most commonly, shearing is used to cut a sheet parallel to an existing edge which is held square, but angled cuts can be made as well. (Trapezoid and unusual shape sheets can be made to order)

For this reason, shearing is primarily used to cut sheet stock into smaller sizes in preparation for other processes. The shearing process is performed on a shear machine, often called a squaring shear or power shear.

  • We can shear sheets with a range of .020″ to .500″
  • 120.00″ is the max width for the shearing machine
  • Using the shear, we can make trapezoids and other configured blanks upon your request


Steel burnouts are available using a plasma cutter or OXY burning torch to “burnout” or cut the plate to a specific size or dimension. This will be done with a process that will maintain the integrity of the material and keep the strength of the material uncompromised. We can do burnouts to your exact blueprint or drawings.

  • We can burnout plate steel with a thickness of .1875″ up to 8.00″
  • Burnouts can be cut to various shapes and sizes using a CNC type computer programmed to the cutting torches
  • We can provide Blanchard grinding to provide a finished surface and achieve tighter thickness tolerances

Coil Inspection

Detroit Steel Group can inspect a coil by running the coil through the slitter to inspect for gauge thicknesses and surface condition.

  • We can inspect a coil with a gauge range of .015″ up to .500″ thickness and a width up to 80.00″

Material Testing

Detroit Steel Group can test any material for chemistry and/ or physical properties – Yield, Tensile, and Elongation (YTE), R-Value and N-Value

We can test coated steel for the type of coating and specific weight of coating. An accredited testing laboratory will be used for results.


This process of coating material will make a Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled steel into: Hot-Dip Galvanized, Electro Galvanized, Galvanneal, or Aluminized steel.

  • We can coat a material with a thickness of as little as .015″ up to .080″

Gauge Reduction

This is the process of reducing the thickness of material by passing it through power driven rollers to reduce the gauge to the desired thickness.


We can ship our material locally or out of state. Detroit Steel Group will offer convenient pick up points for international orders. We will package and ship per each individual order, as per our customers specifications.

Coils, Sheets, and Narrows will be loaded on the truck per each individual customer specifications.

All drivers are bonded and insured.