We specialize in stocking material for automotive prototype applications. Prototype is the initial development stage of a part. This is the early process where changes may be made to determine what will give a part the desired characteristics.

  • CQ – Comerical Quality
  • DQ – Drawing Quality
  • DDQ – Deep Drawing Quality
  • DDQ-IF – Deep Drawing Quality Interstitial Free
  • BH – Bake Hardenable
  • HSLA – High Strength Low Alloy
  • DP – Dual Phase
  • LC – Low Carbon
  • Medium Carbon
  • High Carbon

Die Ready

We can provide die ready material that will save you money as well as time. Die ready material is cut to a specific size for a part to be formed. The stamper can put the piece of steel directly into the die with out further processing. This eliminates scrap and saves time and most importantly saves money.

Die Tryouts

After dies are built the die needs to be tested to insure it will make a part within the customer specifications.  We provide steel for die tryouts so a qualified part can be produced.  Typically a very small quantity is required to verify that the die made the parts to the customer’s specs.

Low Volume Production

We can supply material when low volume production is required. We specialize in supplying small quantities with a quick turn around time.